Nieuws - 19 april 2012

The assumption is the mother of all f-ups

'The assumption is the mother of all f-ups', a quote from the movie Under Siege 2, is the best description for my feeling after the music show yesterday.

'Con fuoco e con funghi', the only highlight of the night
Last week in the newsletter of Studium Generale, the Van Uven Festival caught my eyes, which is an annual show by two music associations WSKOV and De Onzetting in Wageningen. I asked my friend Robert, a member of De Onzetting, for more info. He sent me three clips of the show last year. 'It looks great,' I said. 'Everybody can get on stage to play.' With Robert's positive comment and my assumption that the Dutch creativity would bring fun to this night, I decided to go and take a look.
It took place in a small theater at 8 p.m. A roar of applause broke out when I entered the theater; definitely it's not for my arrival but the performers. Before sitting down, I glanced quickly around the house: the auditorium was not full and most of audiences were female. Also there were much less programs than last year, and most of them were either orchestral music or classical guitar playing, neither was my cup of tea.
Ironically, I found the real show during the break; I was accosted to a strong man, who I guessed was one property man. 'I'm a bit disappointed about the show,' I yawned and said. 'No worry, the worst is yet to come,' he said after taking a gulp of beer. Like a prophet, he foretold the future: the second half turned out to be drearier and made me nap twice. After the show, I started to yawn again, and it caught the attention of a man sitting in front of me. And he asked: 'Did you enjoy the music?' 'To be honest, no. Maybe I expected too much,' I said. At the moment another stranger joined the conversation, 'Ja, the assumption is the mother of all f-ups.' Although with an F-bomb, I couldn't find better lines than his as the epilogue for that show.
With so many witty men, next year maybe they can hold a stand-up comedy show instead.
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