Nieuws - 13 december 2012

The End

What? End of the World Party
Where? De Wilde Wereld Theatre, Burgtstraat 1, Wageningen
When? 21 December 2012, from 22.00
Cost? Free

In Bret Easton Ellis's novel The Rules of Attraction, a group of students drift aimlessly through their decadent nineteen eighties lives - drinking, snorting coke and partying, all the while questioning their identities and feelings. The book is full of wild parties with names like Dress to get Screwed and End of the World.
There's an End of the World Party coming up in Wageningen too - organized by Shout in the Wilde Wereld theatre on 21 December. Whether it will turn into a hedonistic spectacle is up to you. In any case, Shout invites you to party 'as if it was your last.' A nod, like this Resource, in the direction of the predicted end of the world on the day of the party. And if you've had a bellyful of nonsensical predictions, well, just party as if it was your last day of classes before the holiday. Because in that case, you would be right. Happy Christmas everyone!