Nieuws - 11 oktober 2012


The University of Chicago has done away with its compulsory swimming test.

Students can now get their degrees without having to demonstrate that they can swim four lengths without drowning. Pity. Traditions are there to be cherished. An idea for Wageningen! An annual Cooper Test for BSc students, treading water for MSc students and as the ultimate test of academic skill: juggling for PhD students.
Did you know...
That Inter Milan was set up by a Wageninger? Francois Knoote was a talented footballer with GVC student club around 1900. It's all in a long story (Agriculturalists take over the world) in football magazine VI. Another gem: the same Knoote made his name as a singer with the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Read the story.
Castrated men live longer than the rest, say Korean researchers in Current Biology. They compared the lifespans of 81 Korean boys living at court between 1392 and 1910 with those of non-castrated men at the court. The eunuchs lived an average of 17 years longer than the aristocrats who still had all their bits. So gentlemen, now you know the secret of longevity.
Text 'Cow ready'
'Ready,' a Swiss cow texts her farmer when she comes in heat. No time to lose then. The apparatus is a sensor in the cow's genitals combined with a movement sensor. A cow in heat is a restless cow. If it works the apparatus will be marketed. Useful for humans too?