Nieuws - 18 november 2009

Terink swims new Dutch record

Swimmer Rieneke Terink has set a new Dutch record in the 400 metres freestyle. At the World Cup championships in Berlin on Sunday 15 November, she was over a second under the record set by Kirsten Vlieghuis eleven years ago.

Terink has been closing in on the record over recent months. On Sunday the final year biology student first went one tenth of a second below the record. Later the same day in the final, she beat her new record by a further second. 'I have trained hard recently, especially because I don't need to worry about my degree course any more. Last week I put the finishing touches to my course, and now I feel very free. When I get home there isn't a load of coursework waiting for me. Three weeks ago at the competition in Aken it went well too.'
That the record has been unbeaten for so long tells us something about the time achieved by Vlieghuis. As a reward for beating it, Terink got a day off from her trainer. Together with a clubmate, she stayed an extra day in Berlin to do some sightseeing.