Student - January 30, 2019

Tenants and owner Duivendaal reach agreement to lower rent

Luuk Zegers

After weeks of discussions, the tenants of Duivendaal and the new owner Xior Student Housing have reached an agreement regarding the lease contracts. The bare rent and costs of services will be lowered, and interviews are back.

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There were many issues with the contracts, says Nick Ligthart of the Student Alliance Wageningen (SAW), who helped the tenants of Duivendaal in the procedure. ‘Apart from the rent being too high, the tenants also had high costs for services, like 12.50 euros a month for the washing machines.’

This cost item has disappeared from the new contracts, and the tenants can provide for their own washing machines. The bare rent will also be lowered, the costs of furnishing have been slightly decreased, and tenants will not have to pay the full costs of services during the upcoming renovations. Subletting is allowed once again, and tenants can now choose their own house mates by way of interviews.

‘Pretty satisfied’
In December, the tenants received contracts with significantly higher rent and services, which led to their monthly costs increasing by up to 50 percent in some cases. For example, Ivo de Graaf, student of Environmental Sciences, would have had gone from 310 euros to 463 euros per month for rent and services for a 13-square-metres room. After negotiations, this has become 343 euros. ‘I now save 120 euros’, says De Graaf. ‘If everything will work properly, I’ll be pretty satisfied with it all.’ The room of Food Technology-student Max Achterweust (16 square metres) would have gone up from 330 to 420 euros a month. ‘It has now been set at 363 euros. It is much more affordable, and for those additional 33 euros, we will have a renovated kitchen and bathroom. That’s why I signed the new lease contract.’

Ligthart is happy that Xior was prepared to listen to the worries of the tenants and expects that most tenants will sign the new contract. ‘The prices have now reached proper Wageningen levels. The tenants are happy, the owner is satisfied.’

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