Nieuws - 3 april 2008

Temporary lunch stop at Unitas

Unitas youth club will not be serving lunch in the next few weeks because of problems with the new kitchen equipment.

Unitas has been doing renovation work for a few months. After the mensa was closed at the end of last year, the dining room was fitted with a new bar and a kitchen. The old kitchen is being converted so that it can be rented out. However, problems with new equipment mean that Unitas cannot serve decent warm food. ‘Lunch was going really well, but people don’t come if there are only cold things on offer,’ says board member Arda Beckers. ‘That’s why we decided to stop serving lunch temporarily.’ A great shame, in her eyes, as about sixty people come for lunch every day. ‘We hope the problems will have been solved in a couple of weeks. And then there’ll be a grand reopening.’