News - September 29, 2009

Temme wins Outdoor Challenge

Arnoud Temme won the Outdoor Challenge on Saturday 26 September.

Wouter-Dirk Huitzing and Arnoud Temme (right) after 6 hours of exercises
The competition which started and finished in Valkenswaard comprised some 35 kilometers of mountain biking, a 12-kilometer run, 8 kilometers of canoeing and  20 kilometers of kick scooter racing, during which contestants navigated their own way with map and compass along designated points.
With his usual partner Michiel Braakhekke down with a knee injury, PhD student Temme paired off again with former WU-student Wouter-Dirk Huitzing.
Their only hitch along the way was the special challenge of using a blowpipe and arrows to break a balloon. Despite the ensuing penalty round being imposed on Temme and Huitzing, they managed to finish almost three-quarters of an hour ahead of the runners-up.
Harm Bartholomeus and his X-Bionic teammate Lisette de Grauw came in third among the mixed teams.  / YdH