Nieuws - 27 januari 2011

Tears joy: victory at last

Who: Sanne van Paassen, student of Management, Economics and Consumer Studies
What? Racing cyclist in the BrainWash team
Why? She won her first World Cup title on Sunday 23 January

Did you cry at the national anthem?
'It was the second time that it has been played for me. The first time was earlier this season after winning a world cup race. On the podium on Sunday I managed to keep my eyes dry; the tears finally flowed at home. This victory was really special.'

Your big competitor missed various races. Why didn't you do that?
'You have to make choices in top sport. This year I aimed to at least equal my ranking of last year, third place. So I started every time, even when I wasn't really very well, just recently. And I managed.' (She coughs a little.)

Did you get a fat envelope?
'A couple of thousand euros. That is income which I reinvest. But if I was doing it for the money, I would be better off graduating as fast as I can.'

When will you get rid of the title 'Number three in the Netherlands'?
'Who knows what will happen next weekend at the World Cup.'