Student - November 5, 2010

Tasty but rather colourless

I am: in the administration building at the Costerweg.

Ever wondered what the top dogs at the university do for lunch? They turn out to be normal people who eat noodle burgers and bread rolls with cheese. With knife and fork, though. And according to the principles of good management, transparency triumphs, and anyone is welcome in the canteen.
I eat: Indian-style curry soup with chicken, focaccia with smoked salmon and a salad of rocket, tomato, maize, celery and crunchy bread crumbs.
I taste: a creamy and spicy soup with tender pieces of chicken and crispy vegetables. Surprisingly good. The crisp healthy salad and the smoked salmon roll do not seem worthy of mention at first sight. Anyway, a bite full of rocket doesn't quite give you a pleasant mouthfeel, and my salmon roll doesn't have the taste of lemon, mayonnaise and dill. Canteens fall into the same category as aeroplanes and hospitals when it comes to having no knack at all for knowing what is really delicious. The administration building is no exception.
I find: the administration building looks a lot like a hospital, with its open space, numerous plants, lots of grey and yellow, and its high acoustics. If this is to give visitors a feeling of light, tranquillity and space, then I can attest to its success. But not everyone feels the same way. What about the food? That fits nicely within the hospital concept: tasty but rather colourless.
Score: 7+