Nieuws - 7 april 2011

Talkie Walkie I: Shuhang and her dance of life

During lunch at Forum on Tuesday, I had a talk with a Chinese girl, she's called Shuhang. Shuhang is from Henan, one of the most densely populated provinces of China. A few days before our meeting we had met at a music evening. Given that she's busy with the Master thesis, I had to conduct the interview as briefly as possible.

Shuhang on stage
D: What was your most memorable story in China?
S: Maybe my internship in CNR (China National Radio), one of funniest experience in my life.
D: Oh! Is that why you could be face-to-face with Chen Luyu (a well-known anchor, so-called 'China's Oprah')? But why did they choose you instead of others to be the interviewer?
S: Because I'm qualified and I could think of good questions.

Rather than her answer, I was more impressed by her eyes when she was talking: confident, calm, and candid. Studying in horticulture but earning an internship at a radio station, especially before the 2 nd year of Bachelor... is not about courage, but out-of-box thinking. 'Chapeau!' My hat's always off to people like her. While many Chinese in Wageningen are living like a group of wild geese, she is an eagle flying in her sky, singing her songs, enjoying her dance.

D: How often do you dance per week?
S: Twice.
D: Any other more activity?
S: Singing, particularly the solo of Chinese traditional music. I also participate in public performances in Wageningen, which is a good challenge to develop my skills on stage.

Shuhang began to learn singing at twelve and tested the waters in different competitions. Singing means more than a pastime to her. 'I like music to be interpreted in a formal way', is her attitude to music, and I guess for her life as well. 'I didn't realize the beauty of our traditional music until I came to study here; when I performed for the first time, I was surprised when the Dutch and other Europeans told me how much they loved my singing and Chinese music.' She paused, obviously, to prepare to end a conversation. 'I have received more invitations to perform, singing or dancing. I have freedom to choose what I love. I'm happy with it. '

So, what did she ask Chinese Oprah? 'Do you need a strong passion for work and life?' But it was more like a question for herself. Moreover, I'm sure Shuhang's answer must be 'Absolutely...YES'. Not everyone can dance on stage like her, nevertheless we can still take a dance, say, the dance of life.

PS: Shuhang is a 2 nd -year Master student of Plant Science, not only hectic with the thesis, she's also busy learning Dutch with an old lady. Later on she will fly to Norwich, England for internship. Wish her good luck!

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