Nieuws - 30 maart 2011

TYPICAL DUTCH is everywhere

The back cover of Resource is always the first page I read as soon as I get the latest issue. As an international student, that's the only page I can understand without Google Translate. However, I find it less appealing recently, which gave me an impulse to write something for that column. In such a beautiful weather, I can't wait any longer to share some stories from my pocket with you.

My free advertisement for the Dutch tax bureau
Zomertijd & Belastingdienst
Last week I noticed a special ad near Bornsesteeg. There was a watch being moved from 2 to 3 to remind you summertime was coming. At first glance I felt a bit moved by such an ad with a human touch. But when I stopped and read the text word for word, I shook my head and burst into laughter. It was a totally different story; it's said: 'Door de zomertijd heeft u een uur minder om uw aangifte te regelen.--Belastingdienst' Trust me, I did understand what it said at that moment-'Coz of summertime you have one hour less to pay your tax.' Any Dutch reader here, am I correct? I've never seen such a kind of ad in China, let alone by a government department. Killing several birds with one stone, full of sense of time and shrewdness, doesn't it reflect a typical side of the Dutch?

Frikandellen vs. Kroketten
One day at lunch time me and my corridor mate Bart, a 1 st year bachelor, were in the kitchen. 'Derek, are you eating frikandellen?' 'Yes', I answered, 'anything wrong?' 'No, but it's junk food. The Dutch don't eat it coz it's made from waste meat.' He looked quite proud of his healthy eating habit. Several days later we were there again. 'Hey Bart, what are you eating?' 'It's kroket, my favorite', he enjoyed it very much. 'What's the difference with frikandellen?' 'I don't know, maybe nothing. ' He shrugged his shoulders. It was obvious that he had forgotten what he had told me before. Haha, what a typical Dutch! Dutch are always so "forgetful", but in my eye that's why they are lovable: easy come, easy go.
Chinese Food, Indo Names
Food is an eternal topic of small talk. Once I was at snackbar De Driesprong, I talked with the boss about Chinese food. He asked, 'Do you know xxxx?' 'What?' That was the only reply I could give to him. Sorry, I just can't remember what he said because that's Indonesian, not Chinese! From then on I've encountered many Dutch who don't know Chinese foods actually has Chinese names. It's not hard to explain this phenomenon since Indonesia was once the colony of Netherlands and Chinese is sort of an alien language to them. I don't have any aversion to it; on the contrary, the more I hear it from Dutch, the more comprehension can I excavate from it: doesn't "Nasi Goreng" sound tastier than the plain "fried rice"?

The longer we stay in a place, the less sensitive we will be to its surroundings. Luckily I'm too retarded to get bored with the life here yet. Whenever, wherever, whatever, typical Dutch are just around you. Hope to see more funny stories from you, you, or you.

Video of the week:
'Bieber Fever' reached its peak in Rotterdam last Sunday, let's see how many parodies there are of him. Just for fun:-p