Nieuws - 18 november 2010

TV series Feuten causes a stir

A new series by Dutch TV news broadcasting company BNN, Feuten, has caused quite a stir in Wageningen student societies.

Nationally, the societies have agreed not to comment on the series, in which student society hazing ceremonies (part of the initiation of new students) are acted out.
But Ceres members did not seem to be aware of this, because Resource had no difficulty getting comments from five people, which were published online at
And that did not go down well with the Ceres board, as became apparent when the editors and even the board of Wageningen UR received a barrage of angry emails and phone calls.
The main demand, to remove the quotes from the internet, was not met. An email was removed from a later bulletin, however, because it was confidential: it was from the Ceres board, imposing silence on the members. Meanwhile, viewing statistics suggest that the BNN programme is a bit of a flop: only 28,000 people watched the latest episode, well below the average for the channel it was aired on, Nederland 3.