Nieuws - 26 maart 2009


The executive board is going to turn down the heat in all Wageningen UR buildings by 1.4 degrees Celsius, as a gesture towards fulfilling the wish of staff and students to make the organization more sustainable.

In the memo Sustainable Wageningen UR, which came out early in February, a project group outlined four levels of ambition. The executive council opted for the second highest level. And after consultations with the advisory board, it has been decided to adopt one of the measures from the highest level. And that is to turn down the thermostats in all the buildings to 18.6 degrees Celsius: 1.4 degrees lower than now.
‘It’s a simple measure with a big impact’, says sustainability coordinator Anne-Marie Windt. ‘Institution-wide we can achieve energy savings of thirty percent like this. And of course we shall also save money, which is useful in view of the economic crisis.’
The executive board is offering staff and students some compensation by giving a temporary discount on sweaters from the WUR shop. Next week the sweaters will cost 20 euros instead of 35.
But Windt doesn’t think everyone will be pleased about the lowering of the temperature. ‘It’s difficult in the winter. Women in particular like to dress elegantly, and they don’t want to walk around in a thick jumper every day.
But if you are serious about sustainability, you have to have the nerve to make this choice, we think. And you can dress up warm in a nice cardigan or jacket too.’