Nieuws - 26 maart 2009


This is megalomania! Not only that decision-makers plan buildings with unknown function (‘nader te bestemmen’), not only that another Dagobert Duck-like treasure tower is to be built, but, what is also unbelievable: the construction of three multi-storey car parks on the campus!
Apparently, decision-makers anticipate an immense increase in traffic. Even more traffic? Already now, it is almost impossible to cross the street at Droevendaalsesteeg/ Mansholtslaan at eight in the morning, due to heavy traffic. An avalanche of cars pushes itself through the street, which is not designed for the traffic of a four-lane-highway. But will it be like that in 2020?
The surrounding area is already suffering and will suffer even more from noise and air pollution (climate change!) if this goes ahead. It will make the place a hostile environment for children, adults, all kinds of animals – thus, for life!
Let’s think about it: do we want to live like this? A sustainable, environmental and human friendly transport system is needed!