Nieuws - 25 juni 2009


‘Never again’, said one walker as he staggered over the finish line. But last weekend’s Oxfam Novib trailwalker 2009 was a big success and raised over 630 thousand euros for schools in Africa. And Wageningen’s bikkels were the first of the walking teams to finish on Sunday morning, after two running teams.

Exhausted but jubilant, the bikkels marched over the finish line together after walking 21 hours and 24 minutes on the 100 kilometre trail across the Veluwe. Teamleader Jan van Brakel: ‘In one word: fantastic. Not a cross word was spoken and we did it together. Coming in first was just the icing on the cake. The support was top-notch too.’ Team supporters Roy and Lyda Keijzer were up all night. They thought it was a great experience too. ‘Amazing how happy you can make someone with a cup of soup and a blanket’, says Lyda. ‘It was wonderful to see four such different people join forces to pull this off’, adds Roy. ‘It was only possible through real teamwork, I think’. Is it ‘never again’ for the bikkels? Not for Jânio Tjoe-Awie – by Tuesday anyway. ‘I feel so good I could set off again right now. But whether I would manage 100 kilometres again I’m not so sure.’