Nieuws - 20 januari 2005

Synthetic running track due next year

The executive board has made money available for a new synthetic surface for the athletics track at sports centre De Bongerd. It had been hoped that work would start this year, but this has been postponed to 2006. The new surface will put an end to struggling through puddles on the gravel track.

The decision means that ISA Sport, an internationally recognised institute for sports accommodation, can start with the preparations this year. They will examine whether the new track can be laid on the foundations of the current track. They can also start planning the work required so that tendering can start for laying the new synthetic track in 2006.

Head of the sports centre, Henri ten Klooster, is happy that the new track is now in sight. ‘As a sports centre you want to be able to offer the best facilities, and a synthetic track is cheaper to use and maintain in the long run. However, given the current cuts it is understandable that the work has been put off to next year.’

The student athletics association Tartlétos thinks that the association will benefit from the new track. ‘We will be able to go on with training even in rainy weather, and won’t have to cancel training sessions. This will make Wageningen University more attractive to athletes and triathletes, certainly in combination with the nearby forest and other sports facilities here,’ said chairman Paul Copini. ‘Finally we’ll be able to hold our annual running gala here and we are trying to get the national student championships to be held in Wageningen.’ / YdH