Student - 26 januari 2016

Swimming lessons for international students

Linda van der Nat

International students that are not able to swim, can now take lessons starting from February thanks to S.W.U. Thymos.

Photo: Aquifer

Sports foundation Thymos offers students from countries where swimming lessons are not so common as here, a chance to learn how to swim. Starting from February international students can follow two courses, explains Sport Commissioner Koen Manusama.

‘Trough the student party S&I we heard that there is interest among international students to learn how to swim. When  we started asking around, we received the same responses. There are of course plenty who cannot swim, but usually you only notice when it is nice weather and you go to the pool together.’

In consultation with De Bongerd and the Wageningen Watervrienden (Waterfriends), a swimming association for and by volunteers, Thymos was able to put together two courses. The first course takes eight weeks and is a basic course for absolute beginners, ‘meant to learn how to float and not be afraid of water’. In the second course, which takes at least three months, students learn different swimming techniques from the Watervrienden and they can, if they want, obtain their swimming certificate.

The number of places per course are limited, says Koen. ‘In the first course there is room for up to eight students. In the second course for six. More students at once in the water with only one instructor is irresponsible.’ Meanwhile five students have signed up for the beginner course.

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