News - September 1, 2009

Swimming in foam and beer

Swimming in one room and blowing bubbles in another: Ceres' pool party was a crowd puller and one of the highlights of the Wageningen introduction days.

Put together a swimming pool six metres in diameter, twenty litres of soapy liquid producing 420 cubic metres of foam, two thousand party goers and 1,700 litres of beer – give that a shake and you’ve got the Ceres pool party on Wednesday 26 August.
Foam fellas
Just as in previous years, students and students-to-be let their hair down in the cool waters of the swimming pool. Elsewhere, foam bubbled over the party goers’ heads, covering them in white from top to toe. Snowman-like creatures waded their way through the foam to the bar or the pool.
Towards the end of the evening, the water in the pool was a disgusting mixture of soap, beer and piss. But no-one cared about that in the wee hours. / Tom Rijntjes