Nieuws - 7 oktober 2010

(Sw)eating out in the Bongerd

I am: in the Bongerd sports centre, not for the exercise, but for the food. From half past five in the evening to twelve midnight, exhausted sporters can replace their burned calories immediately with a dinner in the canteen. Less sportive visitors are also welcomed.

I eat:  together with my companions, three of the six available meals: Dutch red cabbage with stewed meat and potato puree, fried rice with chicken satay served with kroepoek and atjar, a plate heaped with Spaghetti Bolognese. Each meal costs four euros and fifty cents.
I taste: defrosted food which does not taste like what you think. A square meal with a sizeable serving. Tasty enough, with a beer by the side.
I was: served! Cutlery rolled up in a serviette, beer on a tray. Let this be an example for the average canteen. What's more, you can take your pick from ten types of beer and six different meals, and watch football on tv, or runners  training live on the cinder track.
I find: that it's pretty nice to eat in the Bongerd. Never mind the fact that it's a sports canteen, or that fifty women are sweating out for their buttock muscles in the room next door, or that the food comes straight from the freezer, and the mood isn't  right for an intimate dinner for two. All in all, it's still worth the effort cycling to.
Score: 7.5