Nieuws - 11 oktober 2012

Sustainability in the picture

What does sustainability in the workplace look like? A few dozen students and staff members snapped their own answers for Sustainability Day.

Works bike: Peter van Egmond (Facilities and Services, Lelystad)
There were lots of nature photos, bicycles, solar panels and wind turbines.
The winner was Peter van Egmond (Facilities and Services, Lelystad), who used his 'works bike' to encourage colleagues to come to work by bike more often. The editors' choice on these pages.

Sustainable student transport:
Marjolein Verheijen (Administrator Facilities and Services)

Life: Maxime Gelens (students)

Action over a windy ASG: Andy van der Tier (CVI, Lelystad)

Arboretum Belmonte: Antonio Valente (ICT Facilities and Services)