Nieuws - 26 september 2011

Survival in Actio

The flexible office has arrived on campus. The trial in Actio was launched this morning with a ceremonial tree-planting.

The tree, a gingko biloba (also known as the maidenhair or the Japanese temple tree), was a gift from the Staff Association. In Japan this tree is a symbol of the will to survive, was the explanation for the choice given by Jo Soolsma. The tree was planted on the edge of the carpark behind Acto.

The staff of Facilities & Services started the day with a communal breakfast in the entrance hall of the brand-new building, which has been specially designed for the new flexible way of working. The key features of this approach are the lack of a fixed work station of your own, and the clean desk policy. The idea is that it creates more dynamism and interaction.

The first task for the staff is to get used to the new acquisitions. In other words, to survive. Anyone who has had enough can get it out of their systems on the first floor. In the visitor's waiting room there are two large TV, one of them with a Wii game on it.