News - September 5, 2019

Survey of campus space usage

Roelof Kleis

WUR is expanding and it is getting crowded on campus. A survey is now planned of the occupancy rates in the buildings to get a picture of where the problems are.

© Roelof Kleis

The survey will take place in the last week of September and first week of October. ‘Observers’ will walk the same route every hour for a week and note down per workstation whether and how it is being used.

Student numbers have been growing steadily for years, explains Peter Booman, director of Facilities & Services. That is increasingly resulting in a lack of thesis places. ‘Add to that growth in Wageningen Research for the past two years,’ says Booman.

A short-term solution is being found by installing emergency units. In the longer run, the construction of a third teaching building behind Zodiac will create more space. ‘But it will still be congested,’ says Booman. To get a good picture of the situation, Facilities & Services is currently assessing the supply and demand of space now and in 2025. When the data on occupancy rates is added, this will form the basis for a new strategic accommodation plan.