Student - February 2, 2016

Studying with scholarship Topsector Water

Brendy Brouwer received a two year scholarship of Topsector Water. In return the master student International Land and Water management will be water ambassador during her study.

Brenda Brouwer ontvangt studiebeurs Topsector Water

What the ambassadorship really means, will become clearer in the coming weeks. At least Brenda will spend the coming two years making secondary students enthusiastic about water related studies. ‘I also want to promote better opportunities for Wageningen students in the water world’, she says. ‘There are many activities in the water sector, but it is difficult to attend them as a student. I want to make it more accessible, so that we can be part of the water network.’

Brenda received the scholarship and the ambassador title on Tuesday 26 January from Roald Lapperre, director of general water policy and security of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. This was during a meeting of Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht.

Brenda gave a pitch, together with three other students from Wageningen. A jury chose her as ambassador. ‘My network and contacts at the University and the experience that I have through my work at Edukans were in my favour’, Brenda thinks. It is the first time that a Wageningen student received such a scholarship. In total sixteen other students of higher education studies were appointed as ambassador of the Topsector Water.