Nieuws - 18 november 2010

Students will have to vacate their rooms sooner

Students will have to quit their rooms within twelve months of graduating. The accommodation provider Idealis hopes this faster turnover will mean there are more rooms available.

At present, graduates have to vacate the accommodation they rent from Idealis within two years of graduating.  The accommodation provider wants to reduce that term to one year, says Jan Harkema of Idealis.
Idealis's measure will not have much effect on the turnover: already, five out of six graduates vacate their rooms within a year. Even so, Idealis does not want to reduce the term to less than one year. Other student towns often have campus contracts that require students to quit their rooms within six months of graduating, but Harkema is not remotely interested in that idea.
Idealis is looking at other options for dealing with the increasing accommodation shortages, he says. For instance, the accommodation provider is building four hundred new units on the Rijnsteeg road. This new building is due to be available by the end of 2011. Is it possible for those rooms to be delivered earlier? 'No, definitely not. In fact, delays in the construction are more likely because of the slow procedures for permits', says Harkema.
Furthermore, Idealis is talking to Wageningen UR about suitable building sites in Wageningen for the construction of more student accommodation. 'We are in discussion but there are no tangible results as yet', says Harkema. One problem is that Wageningen UR is asking market prices whereas Idealis is looking for cheap land where it can realize its social housing projects.