News - February 16, 2011

Students who take too long want to be faster

One out of four students wants to study faster, now that the move to penalize students who prolong their study period is to be introduced. Were they to have known this in the past, a quarter of the students who have chalked up such delay would like to have studied faster.

These results emerge from a survey of more than eight hundred students in Utrecht, carried out by the Education Evaluation Report (OER). This student association does independent research into the quality of education in Utrecht University. 
Many students (almost forty percent) admit that they have failed their examinations sometimes because of a lack of preparation. This is a problem especially among the men. Thirty percent say that a wrong choice of study programmes has caused them to prolong their studies. One in five attributes the delay to having a sideline job, while more than fifteen percent 'want to enjoy student life'. 
A detailed report on this issue can be found on the Utrecht University news website DUB.