News - March 16, 2006

Students warm up with poco-poco

What’s better than a warming up with a dance? The Indonesian students chose the poco-poco to start their sports day last Saturday morning in the university sports centre De Bongerd.

Not all students knew the dance, which is a bit like line dancing. ‘It’s a new dance. In Indonesia we do it in the office on Friday morning. We start the day with aerobics and learned this dance from an instructor. The dance is a modern version of a traditional dance,’ explains Triwira Yuwati. She gave signs during the dance to guide the others through the moves.

The Indonesian Students Association chose futsal, badminton and the Dutch knotsbal as the sports for the day. Mathilda Pangaribuan laughed as she took the knotsbal stick in her hand. ‘We’ve only done this once, and that was during the introduction period.’ She likes the sports day. ‘It’s good for solidarity. We’re so busy with everything, it’s a nice way of having some fun together.’ The sports day was good for laughs too. The girls gave screams of laughter during the battle and greeted the first goal with a mutual yell. / YdH