Nieuws - 9 maart 2006

Students want better organic programme

Master’s students in the Organic Agriculture master’s programme are dissatisfied with the content of their programme. Last Tuesday they presented a letter to the Rector, Professor Martin Kropff, in which they demand that the programme be revised. Kropff promised to look into the matter.

In the letter the students spell out in unequivocal language what is wrong with the programme. According to them in the entire programme there are ‘only two subjects that are directly related to organic agriculture’. They also feel there are too few subjects directly related to organic agriculture from which to choose their options. ‘As the current programme stands, no student can fairly say that his/her knowledge represents two years of study in a qualitative Organic Agriculture programme,’ the students conclude in their letter. The students are not only worried that this will have an adverse effect on their own career. They also point out that the good name of the university is at risk. Their demand is that the programme be revised.

Tuesday 7 March they presented their letter to the Rector. Simon Vink, spokesman for the Executive Board: ‘The students presented the letter and talked to the Rector. The Rector acknowledged the letter and promised that he would look into the matter.’ The students were satisfied with the outcome of the meeting with the Rector and did not want to comment further.

At the beginning of February the Executive Board announced that it had decided to stop the BSc degree in Organic Production Science because of lack of interest. The MSc in Organic Agriculture will continue for the present. / JH