Nieuws - 1 februari 2007

Students visit EU parliament

Forty students from Wageningen University and Van Hall Larenstein visited the European Parliament in Brussels last Wednesday, 24 January.

The excursion was organised by Stichting Ruraal Wageningen (RUW), as part of its programme ‘The interests of agriculture’. Unfortunately the planned visit to the Agricultural Commission meeting did not take place. ‘It was so popular that there was no room, which was a disappointment,’ said the coordinator of RUW, Els Hegger. Nevertheless the day was a success. The students were treated to a lunch of salmon and steak in Brussels, after which they met the Dutch MEPs Thijs Berman (PvdA) and Jan Mulder (VVD). They also toured the building. RUW organises activities to raise awareness among students of practical issues in the agricultural sector. In addition to the excursion, the student organisation organised talks and debates on the interests of agriculture. On 1 February, there is a closing debate in LA13.