Nieuws - 5 september 2012

Students protest against Dijkhuizen's statements

A group of students demonstrated this afternoon because they were unhappy about university chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen advocating intensive farming. The students don't agree with the way Dijkhuizen is representing the university.

On Monday Aalt Dijkhuizen told Trouw newspaper that intensive livestock farming is necessary in his view to meet the global challenge of food shortages and climate change.
The students say there are alternative solutions that give greater consideration to animal welfare and public health. On their Facebook page 'WTF Aalt?!' they called on other students to join them in their protest in Forum at twelve thirty. Around 25 students said they would be there. A lively debate has now started about Dijkhuizen's statements on the Facebook page itself as well.
The students have invited the university board to debate the issue with them during the demonstration. Head of communications Marc Lamers said when asked that Aalt Dijkhuizen would accept the invitation depending on the setting.