Student - January 12, 2018

Students promote centennial of WUR

Didi de Vries

Today the student promo team of 100 years WUR had their first meeting in their own office in the Forum building. Coming months, the team will promote the centennial of WUR among students.

Student promo team in their new office in Forum © Didi de Vries

The international team consists of ten enthusiastic students. Ashi Khan, master student Food Technology, knew she wanted to be involved in the centennial celebrations before she came to Wageningen. ‘The first thing I saw about 100 years WUR was a post on Facebook’, she explains. ‘They were searching for students to join the promo team. I immediately replied.’

The office of the promo team is on the first floor of the Forum building. The students furnished it themselves and they hope the couches will be used well. ‘The office isn’t completely ready yet’, Ida Sinke, student Economics and Policy, mentions. ‘We’re waiting for posters, banners and window stickers to arrive.’

Every day during lunch break two members of the team will be present in the office to answer questions about events of 100 years WUR.

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  • feestje

    Wel opvallend dat het gepromoot moet worden. Binnen de kenniseenheden leeft het niet, en onder studenten kennelijk ook niet. Toch alleen een feestje van het bestuurscentrum.

  • typfoutje

    elke dag is tijdens de lunchpauze zijn