Nieuws - 25 oktober 2001

Students organise for respect and solidarity

Students organise for respect and solidarity

A new student organisation wants to increase respect among different population groups in the Netherlands and elsewhere. The students, mainly from International Development studies, feel that discord has arisen among various groups since the September 11 attacks in the United States, dividing the world into a western world and a Muslim world.

The organisation, named World Wide Respect, wants to send out a positive and powerful signal in favour of respect and tolerance towards other cultures, religions and ways of thinking in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world. Their mission statement also states that people should not make judgements about issues where the background and underlying causes of events is not fully clear.

The group is planning a march through Wageningen for 15 November, starting at the University administration building and ending up in the market place. A long ribbon will be carried by the participants, symbolising a sense of solidarity. International students are asked to contribute with speeches and poems.

World Wide Respect is building up contacts with other universities where similar events are planned. The organisation has the backing of the Wageningen Student Organisation WSO, the international student organisation ISOW and the student development organisation OtherWise. The latter is also organising a think tank of students on the consequences of recent events for the role of the US in world politics.

Joris Tielens

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