Nieuws - 24 juni 2010

Students lip dub Tik Tok

Kesha song is lip-synched. Clip is unofficial PR material for University.

This week, more than one hundred students lip-synched to produce a video clip of Tik Tok, the hit by Kesha. This means Wageningen University now has its own lip dub.
A lip dub is a music video clip recorded in one take in which as many people as possible lip-synch to a song. The University's Recruitment and Information department brought in Rob Goossens from Nijmegen to make one for Wageningen. Goossens has some experience with the phenomenon: he also produced the Nijmegen lip dub.
Wageningen is the third Dutch university after Rotterdam and Nijmegen to get lip dubbing. Goossens: 'It really started as just a bit of fun among universities. But universities and companies are increasingly seeing it as a valuable PR instrument.'
Wageningen will not be using the lip dub officially as a PR instrument, says Suzanne Prak of Wurkforce. 'It is a kind of competition between universities. All the clips can be found at We have taken on the challenge. We also want to let future students take a peep inside our organisation. We want to send out the message that we are fun.'
A detailed script was used for the shooting. Goossens: 'The resulting clip looks really spontaneous but the script specified exactly what everyone had to do, where, at what point and in what clothes.'