Student - November 24, 2016

Students hold fundraising week for Serious Request

Marijn Flipse

The student desk of the Red Cross in Wageningen will be running a fundraising week for the national campaign Serious Request from 28 November.

From Monday to Thursday there will be a DJ in the Forum during the lunch hour and students and staff can put in requests in exchange for a donation. The Mayor of Wageningen will open the fundraising week in the Forum on Monday. Lottery tickets will be sold all week at one euro apiece. Prizes include a Red Cross First Aid course. On Tuesday evening several student bands will be performing in Loburg café and on Wednesday evening there’s a pub quiz in The Doctor café. All week there will be ‘Serious banana bread’ for sale in the Leeuwenborch, with part of the proceeds going to Serious Request.

Serious Request is a national fundraising campaign, hosted by Breda this year, where three DJs will lock themselves into the ‘Glass House’ for three days to raise money for Red Cross projects. ‘The goal this year is to raise money for the battle against pneumonia in children under five. Worldwide almost a million children die of this disease every year,’ says Welmoed Sprong, board member for the Red Cross Wageningen student desk.