Nieuws - 7 juli 2011

Students go to court about tardy student fine


Three student organizations are filing a complaint against the state because of the act introducing increased tuition fees for students who take too long with their degree. The act was passed by the Upper House on Tuesday evening.

The Ministry of Education will receive the writ of summons in about six weeks' time, estimates Sebastiaan Hameleers, chair of the Dutch National Students Association (ISO). The ISO has joined forces with the Dutch National Union of Students and the National Chamber of Student Societies to take the matter to court.
The organizations feel the measures in the act ‘do a great injustice to thousands of students in the Netherlands'. They have engaged law firm Stibbe to conduct the proceedings on their behalf.
As of September 2012, students will have to pay three thousand euros extra in tuition fees if they exceed the nominal time for their first Bachelor's or Master's degree by more than a year. ‘At the very least, this act should contain a scheme for students who had already got behind in their studies before the act came into effect', says Hameleers. According to him, the Cabinet is changing the rules of the game halfway through with this legislation.