News - May 10, 2012

Students during wartime

One joined the resistance, the other was sent to work in Germany and a third did exams secretly.

 On Tuesday 8 March, emeritus professors G.H. Bolt and Anton van Diest and Maria Crijns-Herberichs (widow of Dr. Fons Crijns) told their World War II stories at a Studium Generale session. At the start of 1943, Dutch students were require to sign a declaration of loyalty to the Nazi occupiers. Those who refused to sign were put to work or had to go into hiding. Bolt: 'One professor said, "If you sign before 10 April you are sure to be allowed to carry on with your studies." I didn't sign but I just took a packet of stencils back home with me to Arnhem, to study on my own. Funnily enough it was a good time in which nothing really happened. Until August 1943.' Read more about the talk on