Nieuws - 26 mei 2011

Students dump garbage over the balcony

At the Dijkgraaf student residence, Idealis has abandoned an experiment in which students disposed of their own household waste.

Many students refused to lug their full bags of rubbish to the collection point, and threw the bags off their balconies instead. Originally, the trial was to run until the end of this month, but according to Idealis it was causing too much inconvenience to be allowed to continue. The students have been informed by letter.
The idea behind the experiment, which started in April, was that students in the Asserpark, Dijkgraaf, Haarweg, Hoevestein and Marijkeweg residences would collect their garbage themselves at a collection point near their buildings. Students in other residences are already doing this, says Idealis. The residents' association SFO also says it is an outdated system to have your waste paper and domestic waste collected by someone else. Bringing it to the collection point yourself makes a difference of up to two euros per month in the rent.
The trial has worked fine in other student residences, says Idealis. The housing provider has no idea why it went wrong at the Dijkgraaf. According to one of the residents, they did not throw their garbage off the balconies out of laziness, but out of solidarity with the cleaners, whose hours would be reduced if the students started to collect their garbage themselves. Idealis categorically denies this.