Nieuws - 1 september 2011

Students could work harder

Students should take more responsibility for funding their studies. Because why shouldn't you help pay for the education which will guarantee you a good income later on? This is the view of Bas Jacobs, professor of Economics at the Erasmus University.

'I would like to see students working a bit harder and finishing their degrees sooner', says Jacobs in the Dutch newspaper nrc next. He does not subscribe to the view that committee work or serving on an executive board for a year are indispensable for your chances on the job market, as the student unions claim. 'A lot of CV work is window dressing. The sooner you graduate, the sooner you are available on the job market.' And that, according to the professor, is in the interests of society. 'What is more, tax money doesn't come free. Someone has to provide it.'
Good job on the side
Jacobs is responding to statements by LSVb chair Pascal ten Have, who is worried about the tight financial situation that may face many students. Nonsense, says Jacobs. 'Most student grants end up in the hands of students who don't have any financial difficulties.' And if they do have them, they can borrow or find a good job to do on the side.