News - September 15, 2010

Students consider themselves tigers in bed

More than half of all students feel that they are good in bed. Another twelve percent consider themselves 'very good'.

A dismal minority of 6.6 percent say they are average or even bad in bed. These findings emerge from a survey on and Nieuwe Revu. Almost three thousand students have been interviewed about their sex lives.
More than half of those interviewed lost their virginity before the age of eighteen, while 11.2 percent are still virgins at the time of the survey. Ninety three percent of the respondents are heterosexual, 2.3 percent are homosexual and 4.6 percent are bisexual.
As far as one-night stands are concerned, opinions differ greatly. Almost half have had such an experience, while 43 percent find this detesting. Only 8.6 percent engage regularly in one-night sexual encounters. In fact, this happens more to members of societies: 11.8 percent. A threesome? About 56.6 percent fantasize about this. Only 7.1 percent engage in a threesome a few times a year. Most of them have a preference for two women and a man.
Anal sex is practised by almost thirty percent. Of the students who have not done this before, a third want to try it sometime. Sex toys are no longer considered taboe. One third of those interviewed use a dildo or vibrator now and then. One uses rougher devices, such as whips and handcuffs.
Under the category 'serious facts': 22 percent do not use a condom at all, while 16.2 percent seldom do.  Less than a quarter use a condom always. It is therefore not surprising that 7.6 percent report having a sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia, herpes or genital warts. One respondent claims to have HIV.
Furthermore, 11.2 percent have ever been intimidated, 7.5 percent sexually assaulted and three percent raped. An overwhelming majority do not have any bad experiences concerning sex.