Student - November 8, 2016

Students can dispose of batteries in Forum

Marijn Flipse

A collection bin for used batteries has been put up in Forum. The initiative comes from the Student Council, as they noticed that many international students are unaware of the fact the batteries are collected separately in the Netherlands.

‘Despite Wageningen University having been nominated thrice as the most sustainable university in the Netherlands, there was no spot on campus where students could dispose of their batteries for recycling’, explains Yanina Willet of the Student Council. Recently, a bin has been placed next to the elevator in Forum, in which used batteries can be deposited.

‘It is important for international students to be aware of the fact we collect batteries separately. What currently often happens is that they end up in the refuse. It is a good thing that there is a collection point on campus where the students can get rid of their used batteries. It is also easier for Dutch students to have a collection point on campus than in a super market, as they generally visit the latter less often.’

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  • fret

    Mag er ook een inzamelpunt voor statiegeld flessen bij, die zie ik via de internationale studenten ook vaak bij het plastic-/glasafval verdwijnen

  • wcrol

    Kan ik hier ook mijn Samsung Galaxy Note 7 inleveren?

    • Tjinees


      Als je je telefoon 's nachts in een bakje met rijst legt, komt een Chinees hem maken. Hoef je hem niet meer in te leveren!