Nieuws - 11 januari 2007

Students’ Sinterklaas wishes

International students would like better integration with Dutch students. This is one of the wishes collected by the Student Council collected during the Sinterklaas celebrations in December last year.

In addition, students from abroad would like to have an English-language Resource. Others made a plea for special rooms in the university buildings where people from all religions can pray.

Over thirty students made their wishes known, and many of the Dutch ones had to do with Wageningen University becoming more environmentally aware: green electricity, time switches on lights and computers, fair-trade coffee and getting rid of the disposable plastic beakers for coffee. Students also indicated that they would like more information on the Erasmus exchange programme, wireless internet and hot meals in the canteens.

Rector Martin Kropff mentioned the wishes during the New Year’s drink organised by the Student Council on Tuesday 9 January. He said that he took the students’ wishes seriously and would look into what could be done, warning that not all of them could be fulfilled. ‘Not everything is in our hands, such as the catering for example. It’s also unrealistic to withdraw the chipknip.’