News - August 18, 2011

Student union WSO stops all activities

The Wageningen Student Organization WSO is stopping all its activities with immediate effect because it has been unable to recruit a new board.

The current board has resigned and has abandoned the search for new candidates. This was decided at a General Meeting of the WSO on Monday. 'It was a bolt from the blue', says chair Karmijn van den Berg.  At first there seemed to be enough candidates for the new board, but then they dropped out one by one. 'Students are less committed and idealistic', says Van den Berg. 'And the cabinet's plans don't help either of course.'
The students' union looks back on an eventful and very active year. They stood up for international students placed in emergency housing, fought the fine for tardy students and spoke out for culture in Wageningen.  But that was apparently not enough to attract students to take on a position on the board. ' There are plenty of challenges for which students really need us', says Van den Berg. 'But they don't seem to see the urgency of it.'
Typical WSO services such as the Cheapshop and the Forum Office are closing immediately. The kamerbalie (an accommodation-finding service) remains open for now. The WSO is not closing definitively, but will be dormant until there is a new board.