Nieuws - 24 november 2005

Student to Montreal

The Wageningen student Bette Harms is one of two Dutch students who will be attending the climate change conference in Montreal next week for Greenpeace. She will be there to convince the delegations present of the importance of sustainability.
Harms has been an active member of the Wageningen Greenpeace group for a number of years. At the moment she is involved in the Solar Generation project. Greenpeace initiated this project to get students all over the world involved in sustainability, by devising projects to combat climate change. Harms and Utrecht student Ronal Franken were selected to represent the Dutch project at the UN Climate Change Conference in Canada that will take place from 28 November to 9 December. One of the most important items on the agenda is climate policy after 2012, when the Kyoto protocol comes to an end. / JH