Nieuws - 9 september 2010

Student suicide

The body of a student was found in a student housing complex on the Haarweg in Wageningen on September 1. The police have established that it was a suicide case. The body lay in a room in a temporary complex for international students for about one week. The body has not yet been officially identified, but is assumed to be that of the occupant of the room, a student from China.® AB

Record numbers go from 'HBO' to university
A record number of 8,800 graduates from Dutch applied sciences institutions (HBO) went on to university last year: 19 percent more than in 2008, according to figures released by the central statistics bureau CBS. This goes some way towards explaining the tidal wave of first year students that engulfed the universities. According to the CBS, the total number of first year Bachelor's students at universities went up by 8.8. percent.® HOP
Maurits seeks wife
The new candidates in the successful Dutch TV programme Farmer Seeks Wife have been announced. They include Wageningen alumnus Maurits Dekker, a pear farmer from North Holland. Dekker studied Plant Breeding and Crop Protection, and graduated in 1996. He stands out among the competitors for his education and for his hobbies: flying light aircraft and physics. His dream? 'To put together my plane from a kit and fly across Europe in it.' Latest application date: 20 September. ®NM