Nieuws - 25 november 2004

Student phones still cut off

The internet telephone connection for 450 students in SSHW flats is still not working. The students can receive calls, but they cannot make phone calls themselves. SSHW has already sent a letter of complaint to the telephone company Tell-Me and is considering legal action.

The cause of the problem is hackers who have broken into the server of the provider Vocalis. The telephones have been out of order for over a week now. Willem Potjes from Tell-Me says he is devoting ‘one hundred percent of his time’ to the matter, and Wageningen is not the only town affected. Since KPN Telecom withdrew its click counters this year many students have gone over to internet phoning. SSHW was proud of the new system, because tenants could call cheaper and without having to use shared phones. Jan Harkema of SSHW is not so proud at the moment: ‘We are extremely dissatisfied.’ Nevertheless, he does not recommend that his tenants switch back to KPN. ‘This week we heard from another student corridor that had remained with KPN. They had problems with a tenant who had left without paying the telephone bill for a thousand euros.’ / KV, JH