Student - February 10, 2012

Student makes one-metre long chocolate bar

It's for a good cause, but what got her going is her craze for chocolate. Amber van Veghel, first year Food Technology student, made a one metre long chocolate bar yesterday.

Amber van Veghel (right) filling the mould. Notice the blocks of butter!
Amber is a big fan of chocolaty goodies. This passion is evident, for example, in her big collection of local and foreign candy bar wrappers - 'thirty different wrappers just for Mars alone'. When on trips or holidays abroad, she keeps a lookout in shops for special wrappers of Mars, Snickers and Twix . 'In train stations, too, I always throw a glance at sweets vending machines to see if by any chance, there is a bar with a wrapper which I don't have.'
In addition, she also likes to 'blow up' the bars into monstrous sizes. 'I once made a Snicker fudge in a cake tin, and a thought came into my head: it can be bigger.' Her grandfather then made a wooden mould one metre long, 15 centimetres wide and 10 centimetres high. After completing all her term exams yesterday, Amber filled the wooden baking tray with a mixture of 4.5 kilogrammes of chocolate, 2.5 kilogrammes of groundnuts, almost 2 kilogrammes of sugar and other ingredients. Hey presto! The 'Fat Snicker' came into being.
The student will sell slices of the giant chocolate bar to friends, family members and other chocolate lovers. 'Each less than 1 centimetre thick, or it'll be a killer. It's terribly rich.' Amber will use her earnings to sponsor her debating team mate in Alpe d'HuZes this summer . In this event, teams of cyclists will climb the Alpe d'Huez six or more times. The proceeds will be used for cancer research. 'She finds it fantastic that I can sponsor her in this way.'