Nieuws - 17 mei 2011

Student housing to be built on campus

The Wageningen Municipality has approved the construction of 400 student rooms on campus. There will likely be housing units above KSV, too.

Student housing provider Idealis has the green light to build a student residential complex with 400 rooms at Bornsesteeg on the campus of Wageningen UR. This appears in a notice on student housing issued by the municipality last week. The notice also indicates that the room shortage will increase further in the coming academic year. Between 2009 and 2012, 1800 additional rooms are needed in Wageningen, estimates the municipality. The room rental market grows each year by 600 people searching for a place to stay.
Idealis will be building two complexes in the next few years: 345 rooms at Rijnsteeg and 95 student units at Kortenoord.  Added to these, the university will provide 300 extra rooms: Haarweg (153), in a barrack complex in Ede (100), Stadsbrink (44). Nevertheless, the room shortage will rise to 650 in the coming academic year, according to the municipality. The university wants to make another one hundred temporary rooms available soon to prevent an expected room shortage among foreign students.
The municipality is on the lookout for available land for new buildings. The stagnation in sales of houses and apartments has prompted it to consider the unused land formally occupied by automobile garages Kirpestein and Van der Kolk; however, the price of that land is too high for student housing. There is a bigger chance that 50 rooms will be built above student society KSV at Stadsbrink. The KSV building is in need of renovation, and extra floors with rooms can be added during the process.
In addition, the municipality plans to re-locate the next-door Stadsbrink city office. That building has space for more than seventy rooms when renovated. Finally, there is space at the Nobelweg to construct 150 student housing units. If all these measures can go ahead, there will be 670 more rooms in the next few years, in addition to the four hundred rooms on campus.
As the rooms on campus will only be ready next year at the earliest, room shortage will rise further in the coming academic year, predicts the municipality. About 650 students will not be able to find a room right away. The municipality expects that the buildings to be constructed will in the years afterwards ease the room shortage a little and halt its rise.