Nieuws - 30 september 2010

Student hotel improves housing

Wageningen University and the hotel Hof van Wageningen have given the international students their proposals on how to improve the emergency housing facilities. The students are satisfied with these commitments.

Hof van Wageningen will not remove the stoves from the kitchen, contrary to what was announced earlier. It will provide more refrigerators. Ten indoor showers for the students will be completed by the end of this week. The hotel will repair the defective dryers next to the washing machines. The rent will also be reduced from eight to six euros per night.
To improve access to the Internet, Hof van Wageningen will install software to prevent viruses from spreading on its network. The students give their word not to download mega files.  Under these conditions, the hotel promises to provide a network with sufficient bandwidth. It will also find out if the old ICT network in the building - which used to house offices - can be used by the students. 
Washing machines
In the pipeline are more washing machines for the building, but the hotel first wants to use a reservation list to find out if there is a need for them. The university will look into the possibility of publishing a waiting list for a permanent room from Idealis, something which the students have asked for, so that they can get an idea of how long they still have to stay in Hof van Wageningen.
Tenant Catalina Angel is 'satisfied' with the proposals from the university and the hotel. She feels that the hotel has given a fast response to the complaints concerning the outdoor showers, and is very pleased that the stoves are allowed to remain in the kitchen. She comments that the university and the hotel have addressed all the problems raised by the students. 'They take it serious. Now we feel they do.' The rent reduction means that the students will pay 180 euros per month. 'That is a fair price for these conditions', says Angel.