News - November 3, 2010

Student hotel closing

The stopgap housing for international students in a wing of the Hof van Wageningen hotel has had its day. The university’s rental contract with the hotel ends on 12 November. The sixty students still living in the wing will be allocated a room by Idealis or put up at De Brink residence.

Most of the sixty remaining students in the wing have a room to themselves now. The showers have been vastly improved and the stoves, washing machines and fridges that have been added have helped make life easier.

In fact, the last students to move on say they will look back on their temporary accommodation with nostalgia. 'The shared kitchen and dining area was an ideal place to make friends', says a student. 'We never had a conflict.' One student who got a room in Ede last month came back to the temporary accommodation after a few weeks because she missed the company.

About forty students from the wing are moving to De Brink hotel residence before 12 November. They will have a room with en suite shower and kitchen. De Brink is full, with 165 international students there. Another 75 foreign students are at Hoenderloo holiday park. 'There isn't much movement among international students', says Jos van Kroonenburg of the Student Service Centre. 'A lot of students have graduates, but not many of them are giving up their rooms.' So there are currently 240 foreign students in stopgap accommodation.
The students housed in the wing are making way for Saint Nicholas. The wing is to be turned into a 'Saint Nicholas house' for the festive season.