Nieuws - 28 september 2006

Student helps rhino Rosa

Maaike Leenen, a student of Forest and Nature Management at Wageningen University, went to Sumatra to study the behaviour of rhinos in the wild. However, by the time she arrived, permission had been granted to the Rhino Protection Unit to transfer one of the rhinos, Rosa, to a protected area. Leenen followed Rosa on her journey to the reserve, part of which was on foot through the jungle. ‘The area was mountainous and very muddy. We were happy when Rosa decided it was time to stop for a rest.’ After six weeks Rosa reached her destination safely, travelling the last part in a lorry. The experience in Indonesia inspired Leenen to do more than just descriptive research, so she set up the Asian Rhino Foundation, to raise money for more research on and protection of these threatened animals. / Laurien Holtjer