News - December 8, 2010

Student demo at Wageningen Market

Students in Wageningen are planning a lunchtime demonstration on friday against the Dutch cabinet’s higher education plans. The WSO and the student council expect hundreds of demonstrators.

The WSO has already staged one protest against the cuts in higher education - on 16 November they set up a home-made ‘Education factory’ at the entrance to the Forum.
Student demonstrators in Wageningen will be served hot chocolate. 'The ministry may be leaving students out in the cold,' explains student union WSO, 'but we won't.'
The WSO is organizing the the demonstration together with the Student Council, and hopes for a turnout of at least 500 students. About 200 people have already said on Facebook that they will be coming. The demonstration will take place at the Market. The exact programme is not yet known, nor is it clear whether the executive management of Wageningen University will be represented.

 In Amsterdam the student union ASVA expects about 4,000 students on the Dam. 'Whenever we go out for a drink, we notice that it's a hot topic among students', says ASVA chair Lodewijk Berkhout. MPs will be speaking at the Amsterdam demonstration and the three-man band Goeiemiddag will be singing a protest song.
In Utrecht a 'noise demonstration' will be held at the Uithof campus, and students in Nijmegen will be taking to the streets too. The Nijmegen student union Akku expects between 500 and one thousand students. Nationwide campaigns will follow in January.